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Take to the Water with Fury


Flying across the water with an off shore race boat or gliding on the local lake with a sail boat, RC Boats can provide everything from a relaxing experience to the ultimate thrill. Sailboats use the wind as the main power source, but a battery powered servo system allows the same control as a full size vessel – the Captain can adjust the sails and tack upwind, round the mark and run down wind. All the thrills and challenges of the Americas Cup are available on your local lake!

Powered RC Boats are available in a variety of hull configurations and motor choices

Deep Vee hulls are the best choice for choppy water conditions. They use a mono hull and replicate the style and performance of the full size offshore race boats. Deep Vee hulls range in size from 20″ to over 5 feet and are powered by electric motors, nitro engines or gasoline (“weed-eater”) engines.

Tunnel hulls are the top choice for glassy water conditions and racing applications. Nitro, electric and gasoline versions are available and some are able to top speeds of 80mph!

Airboats are replicas of those vessels found in the Florida Everglades and other shallow water locations. An airplane propeller above the water line pushes airboats across the water. Rudders located directly behind the propeller (out of the water) provide directional control.

Radio Controlled Revolution

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