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Take to the Skies With the Most Innovative Helicopters in the Industry

RCHR-A1o-Goblin-770Align, SAB Goblin and others are available here at RCR. Over the last 5 years, enhancements in the technology of RC helicopters have made these once daunting machines easier than ever to fly. However, success requires the pilot to invest time and demonstrate patience in order to become an accomplished pilot.

Typically, RC helicopters fly at 50 mph during forward flight and, just like full size machines, they can hover in one place. On the other hand, unlike their full size counterparts they can perform tricks and maneuvers – loops, stall turns, rolls and (with lots of practice) fly totally inverted just inches off the ground!

RC helicopters come in essentially 3 configurations, nitro powered 0.30 and 0.60 (cubic inch engine displacement), and electrically powered machines. 0.30 size helicopters are most appropriate for the beginner, largely due to their lower maintenance, repair costs and entry pricing. 0.60 size helicopters are physically larger than 0.30 size helicopters, offer more stable flight characteristics and are easier to see during flight.

If you don’t like the mess and noise of nitro, then perhaps an electric helicopter is for you. Electric helicopters are considerably smaller than their nitro powered counterparts, making them a little trickier for the beginner to control. In addition, electric helicopters are now being made in micro sizes, small enough to fit on the palm of your hand and be flown in gymnasiums or even in your living room!

So how do I get started? To dramatically increase you initial success in flying an RC helicopter, a flight simulator like Real Flight G2 from Great Planes will help familiarize you with the controls on the radio. Flight simulators are also a great way for experienced pilots to try new stunts and maneuvers or to just polish existing skills when the weather is not cooperating! For beginners, training gear attached to the landing skids – like those offered from Heli-Max or Revolution will give you more landing surface area and help reduce the chance of the helicopter tipping over and hitting its blades. YOU CAN fly an RC helicopter, and Radio Controlled Revolution is here to help you every step of the way!

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